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First Tracks - Double Black Diamond Girl

D   C   G   A   B   E   B1  C1   D1  D2
E -x-|-x-|-3-|-5-|-7-|-x-|-x-|--8-|-x-|-10-|
A -5-|-3-|-5-|-7-|-9-|-7-|-4-|-10-|-7-|-12-|
D -7-|-5-|-5-|-7-|-9-|-9-|-4-|-10-|-7-|-12-|
G -7-|-5-|-4-|-6-|-8-|-9-|-4-|--9-|-7-|-11-|
b -7-|-5-|-3-|-5-|-7-|-9-|-4-|--8-|-7-|-10-|
e -7-|-5-|-3-|-5-|-7-|-9-|-4-|--8-|-7-|-10-|
First Tracks Cover
(Guitar solo)
I hope you know what you’re doin’ man,
that girl’s a double black diamond..
A [D] double black [C] diamond [G] girl [A]
[D] Waits for no [C] man on [G] top of the [A] world
If [B] you can't hang don't [D] waste her time
[B] She'll drop in and [D] leave you be-[E]-hind
She's a [D] double black [C] diamond [G] girl [A]
[A] Double black diamond girls are [B1] so [A] hot
[C1] Double black diamond girls [D1] never [C1] stop
[D2] Double black diamond girls like it on [E] top [D1][E]
Wait with the [D] bunnies at the [C] bottom
if [G] you [A] can’t hang [D][C][G][A]
Handles those bumps with lots of grace
Stacked with more than just a pretty face
Riding hard all day at night you'll find
On the dance floor blowin your mind
Catches your eye cause baby's got back
That's all you see cause she's the first track
Try to catch her and you’ll see
Ditchin you is where she’ll be
I met one last night for sure
Bought me ten drinks or maybe more
Took me home, didn't get no sleep
All her slopes were steep and deep
She may ride on skis so fat
Or on a snowboard with a cool hat
I don't care what's on her feet
Long as she does a double black beat
Gotta get me one of these pearls
Chasing her all over the world
She’ll rock my world, but here’s the worst part
Sooner or later she’ll break my heart

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