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First Tracks - Succubus

First Tracks Cover
Last night you tied me to the bed
And then you messed with my head
You sang to me all night instead
I couldn't  go to work today
My poor old dog just wants to play
I can't even stand up to say
I’ve got to get away from you
At night I can't get away from you

You're driving me crazy
You're making me lazy
My mind's a little hazy

Those fishnet stockings came off real slow
You licked my ear and started to blow
Touched me down there when I started to show
You rubbed me with oil for an hour
And rolled me in white flower
Then turned up the heat to full power
Sometimes you start out real nice
Promise me I’m gonna get it twice
Then turn into a cold hard bitch of ice
You push me down then walk all over my back
Your spiked heels leavin a bloody track
I come when I hear your whip crack
You're some kind of demon
You say you won’t stop pleasin’
But in the end you’re always teasin’
I got no strength left to fight
You come to me every night
Soon I'll die but that’s all right, because...
And that don't even phase me
Cause at night you're my lady
A succubus dream maybe
Hell, you're my dream lover baby
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