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First Tracks - That Last Kiss

B7  E9 F#9  G#9
E -7-|-x-|-x-|--x-
A -9-|-7-|-9-|-11-
D -7-|-6-|-8-|-10-
G -8-|-7-|-9-|-11-
b -7-|-7-|-9-|-11-
e -7-|-7-|-9-|-11-

(Intro) [B7][E9][B7][E9][B7][E9] [B7][F#9]

First Tracks Cover
[B7] I can't explain the [E9] difference
But it [B7] moved through me like a [E9] fire
The [B7] feeling of your [E9] lips on mine
And the [B7] spark that I de-[E9]-sire
It [B7] stayed with me through [E9] out the next day
[B7] Filled my head with dis-[E9]-traction
[B7] Planning my next [E9] date with you
[B7] Hoping for the same satis-[F#9]-faction

[F#9] Can I have that last [E9] kiss again?
It was [F#9] one of those you [G#9] see
[F#9] Can I have that last [E9] kiss again?
Like [F#9] no other kisses will [G#9] be-eeeee
[B7] eeeee [F#9] eeeee
Like no other [B7] kisses [E9]
Will ever [B7] be-eeee [E9]
[B7] [F#9]

Now it's getting’ late into the night
Your green eyes are on my mind
I've just got to go by your house
To see what I can find
I creep under your bedroom window
Hoping not to make a sound
I hear you screaming out my name
As you’re lovin' my friend from town
You called me up the very next day
Said, meet me at the corner bar
You strolled in like a queen on parade
I stopped you before you got too far
You cut me off before I could explode
Held my face in your hands
You kissed me like there's no tomorrow
And sent me to some other lands
Now I've got this permanent smile
Cause everything will be all right
Now I know that the name you call
When you're loving me it’s mine
Like no other kisses
Could ever be
Like no other kisses
Will ever be
Like no other kisses
Now they’re all for me (end on [E9]
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