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Taking a Break?

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Playing Bass at The Good Hurt with Erik Anders BandPlaying Bass at St. Rocke with Phil D. AnthonySolo at the Standing Room


I've played in a few bands and performed many venues in the South Bay and Hollywood.  I still like to play occasionally at Open Mic nights.  I wrote and produced a CD, released in 2009.  It was a good 10-15 musical year run and mostly I've been doing other things now.  I went back to work, I got engaged (Lucy),  I got into woodworking, and I bought a small boat.  I still have several unfinished songs that I intend to get back to, and to record eventually.

So, in answer to many that have asked - I'm taking a break from performing music for a while.  I'm not done.  I play at home nearly every day and I try to get out to an open mic at Suzy's or the Slip Bar at least once a month.  I'm open to jam anytime.  If you want someone to fill in during your break in a local gig, I would be glad to.


Miguel Hernandez.